Student Publications

Work for the Columbia Political Review

Web Editor, Senior Editor, Reporter, and Columnist 2011-present

Political Minutes

Political Minutes: Reverend Jesse Jackson and Katrina vanden Heuvel

Political Minutes: Touring a Tense Manhattanville

Political Minutes: Affirmative Action On And Off Campus

Political Minutes: Ban Ki-moon speaks at WLF

Political Minutes: The Road to November 6

Political Minutes: Eric Holder speaks at WLF

Political Minutes: Ruby Bridges Comes to Campus


Say Nyet to Racism

Terror on Trial

Revisiting Bosnia

Blocked Blocs

Don’t Rock the Boat

A Sisyphean Effort

Russian Defrost?

Other publications 2010-2011

From the Issue: The Whisper Gallery– The Blue and White

From the Issue: From the Office of the President The Blue and White (reporting)

Magazine Preview: Sean Udell, Campus Character The Blue and White

City plans raccoon vaccination for local parks Columbia Spectator


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