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Europe 2017-2018

World Cup to go on, even without the U.S.

Comment: ‘Ginger hero’ Prince Harry’s wedding is a moment for all the world’s redheads

Europe is dealing with Facebook in a way the U.S. hasn’t

Italian elections show rise of far right as they carry echoes of Berlusconi — and Trump

Crema, idyllic Italian city in ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ deals with surprise boost in romantic tourists

New York could be victim of Trump tariffs after EU retaliation

American Bataclan survivor, also at World Trade Center attack, describes Paris’s ‘9/11 moment’

New York 2016-2017

Exclusive: Underground strip club operates out of Bushwick apartment

Survivors still feel physical, psychological effects 30 years after first ‘postal’ mass shooting

Exclusive: Best friend of transgender man shot dead by police regrets letting officers near him during suicide call

Transgender man with Asperger’s who touched millions with viral video shot dead by police